Yes, I Like Green Eggs and Ham

… And I like chocolate, wine (red or white, I am not prejudice), bread, and pasta. Some might call me a food-lover but most doctors call me overweight.  Like millions of others I am in constant battle with the scale. While the scale might not be truthful (I do still believe that it likes to... Continue Reading →

One in Eight

Her pink wig and fuschia tights were my first indication that the people involved with today’s Making Strides for Breast Cancer Walk in Point Pleasant, NJ were true believers - believers in celebrating life and finding a cure.  The pink-haired lady would not be the last boldly dressed participant in the 5K walk. Whether it... Continue Reading →

Saggy Butts Unite

September 29 was a  sad day for saggy butts around the world who believed a simple pair of running shoes with a sole larger than other shoes could lift and firm their gluts and hamstrings giving them model-perfect appeal. According to the FTC, Reebok's shoes don't live up to the claims. Did the thousands of... Continue Reading →

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