With A Smile and a Tear

If you've never had to cope with/live through the death of a parent, you are very lucky. Parents - no matter how involved they are in your life - shape us. And when they are gone, something changes in us. Whether it's facing another holiday or milestone, it's just hard without them. It's been almost... Continue Reading →

Hello, Is Anyone There?

In the midst of a chaotic day, I crave silence. There are days when the cacophony of phones, keyboards, voices, and construction (just to name a few) is just too much and I want to scream. And then there are days like today when the silence is deafening. It happens every once in a while... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Show On Earth

There is a circus in my head. The merry-go-round music seeps inside the tent, getting louder with every passing moment. I can hear the vendors selling peanuts and cotton candy. I can smell the animals and the variety of food. And then I hear him, the Master of Ceremonies. He stands in the middle of... Continue Reading →

From Within The Stacks

I’ve challenged myself to write every day in April and post to my blog. It’s a big challenge for me as evidenced by the lack of posts to this site. I’m not exactly sure why I can’t write every day - I love to write. There is always the excuse of being too busy, not... Continue Reading →

Not So Crystal Clear

If I could look into your eyes and know what you were thinking life would be so much easier. Haven’t you ever wanted to know what was going in my head? Why I said certain things or did certain things or forgot certain things? Being a mind reader would be so valuable. It would save... Continue Reading →

Hey, When You Get A Minute …

I recently picked up a book about how to tell time to use with two ESL students I start working with on Monday. There are pages and pages of clocks -- some with hands and some with digital numbers. Some ask the student to identify the correct time based on the picture and others ask... Continue Reading →

A Changing Perspective

I’ve been vindicated. Being quiet and introverted has finally been recognized as a good thing. “The Upside of Being An Introvert (and Why Extroverts are Overrated)” in the February 6 issue of Time magazine is all about how Introverts are challenged to live in the world of Extroverts. Bryan Walsh, health editor with Time, provided... Continue Reading →

Hello world!

Have you ever see something on the news, read something in the paper, or just heard someone say something and it made you stop and think? That's what I want this blog to be about. Things that I see, experience, or hear that make me think and then make me think some more about the... Continue Reading →

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