A Relatively Ordinary Life

Perspectives on things seen, heard, and experienced


So who am I?

I am an observer. I am a good listener (or so I have been told). I am also the quiet one. You know my type – I’m the one in the group that will hold comments until the end of a discussion. I take time to ponder what is going on around me. And like a good cup of coffee I brew (or percolate). If I am going to say something about something – it has to be good.

So why does that make you want to be here reading my blog?

Well, I can hope that you’re here because you like my thoughts or writing style but mostly I think you’re coming here and will continue to come here because you also have something to say about the things that are going on around you. Everything written here will be about things that I have seen, heard or experienced that have an impact.

Impact like whether you prefer coffee to tea or vice versa is a personal experience, a personal reaction to an event, a person, or even a word. You may react differently to something that I post here. So tell me about it.

I’m looking forward to this journey. I’m looking forward sharing my opinions and getting a dialogue going with each of you. So come on, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a few steps into my Relatively Ordinary Life.

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