The Greatest Show On Earth

There is a circus in my head. The merry-go-round music seeps inside the tent, getting louder with every passing moment. I can hear the vendors selling peanuts and cotton candy. I can smell the animals and the variety of food. And then I hear him, the Master of Ceremonies. He stands in the middle of... Continue Reading →

From Within The Stacks

I’ve challenged myself to write every day in April and post to my blog. It’s a big challenge for me as evidenced by the lack of posts to this site. I’m not exactly sure why I can’t write every day - I love to write. There is always the excuse of being too busy, not... Continue Reading →

Mirror Mirror On The Wall …

There seems to be an onslaught of media coverage and discussion about questions of beauty, how women are characterized in the media, and how women interact with each other. Let’s take a quick look at three recent examples: “There are downsides to looking this pretty…” an article by a British woman (Samantha Brick) opened discussions... Continue Reading →

Not So Crystal Clear

If I could look into your eyes and know what you were thinking life would be so much easier. Haven’t you ever wanted to know what was going in my head? Why I said certain things or did certain things or forgot certain things? Being a mind reader would be so valuable. It would save... Continue Reading →

Hey, When You Get A Minute …

I recently picked up a book about how to tell time to use with two ESL students I start working with on Monday. There are pages and pages of clocks -- some with hands and some with digital numbers. Some ask the student to identify the correct time based on the picture and others ask... Continue Reading →

A Changing Perspective

I’ve been vindicated. Being quiet and introverted has finally been recognized as a good thing. “The Upside of Being An Introvert (and Why Extroverts are Overrated)” in the February 6 issue of Time magazine is all about how Introverts are challenged to live in the world of Extroverts. Bryan Walsh, health editor with Time, provided... Continue Reading →

Living in the Rearview Mirror

Today is December 31, 2011. I am amazed at how the month of December went by in a blink of an eye. Christmas was here and gone. 2012 is knocking on our doors – or in some parts of the world already here. Time really does fly. The television news programs are doing the annual... Continue Reading →

Yes, I Like Green Eggs and Ham

… And I like chocolate, wine (red or white, I am not prejudice), bread, and pasta. Some might call me a food-lover but most doctors call me overweight.  Like millions of others I am in constant battle with the scale. While the scale might not be truthful (I do still believe that it likes to... Continue Reading →

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