A Relatively Ordinary Life

Perspectives on things seen, heard, and experienced

September 29 was a  sad day for saggy butts around the world who believed a simple pair of running shoes with a sole larger than other shoes could lift and firm their gluts and hamstrings giving them model-perfect appeal. According to the FTC, Reebok’s shoes don’t live up to the claims. Did the thousands of people who purchased the shoes and bought into the hype really believe that walking around in these slightly odd looking shoes could give them a great behind? What about the thousands of other women out there who do lunges and squats and run miles on treadmills or the equivalent of several sets of stairs on the stairmaster? I can bet that even the spokeswomen for the Reebok shoes worked out very hard to look that great in the ads. To the saggy butts who thought they could skip the gym and wear the shoes, it would be wise to take your refund money and buy a good pair of sturdy sneakers and hit the gym, or by a DVD (bunns of steal maybe?) or just go for a walk.

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