A Relatively Ordinary Life

Perspectives on things seen, heard, and experienced

If I could look into your eyes and know what you were thinking life would be so much easier. Haven’t you ever wanted to know what was going in my head? Why I said certain things or did certain things or forgot certain things? Being a mind reader would be so valuable. It would save me from embarrassing myself or making enemies where I did not need them.

But I am not a mind reader. Nor, does that skill really exist. Sometimes parents try to tell us that they know what we’re thinking even before we do because they had the same thoughts. But, in all truth, I don’t think there are any true mind readers.

So if we all agree that mind reading is like cloning – something that would be valuable but not within reach – then can’t we just say what’s on our minds? Is it really that hard to say: “I wanted you to do this” or “When you did X, Y or Z it really hurt me”? Why do we force others to figure out what is the right or wrong thing to say, do or feel?

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