A Relatively Ordinary Life

Perspectives on things seen, heard, and experienced

There is a circus in my head. The merry-go-round music seeps inside the tent, getting louder with every passing moment. I can hear the vendors selling peanuts and cotton candy. I can smell the animals and the variety of food. And then I hear him, the Master of Ceremonies.

He stands in the middle of the chaotic tent trying to direct the players.

He’s got three rings to manage today.

To his left are the elephants. Massive and amazingly beautiful animals put their trunks up, touch the back end of the one in front, and begin to move in a circle around the ring. Stomp, stomp, stomp.

Directly behind the Master of Ceremonies are the lions and tigers (oh my!). The majestic cats growl and show their claws but they are just far enough away … no danger.

To the right are the monkeys. Spastic creatures of varying sizes swing from the trees set up as props within the ring.

I want to laugh at the wickedly strange and funny scene unfolding amidst the ever loud merry-go-round music and the shouting voice of the Master of Ceremonies, but there is this clown next to me who insists that I stepped on his big toe. How he can tell I stepped on this toe in those big floppy shoes? He’s crying now and stuffing large handfuls of cotton candy in this mouth.

The music continues and the Master of Ceremonies waves its arms in very grandiose ways encouraging the crowd to yell and scream. Tigers and lions roar, elephants raise to their hind legs and monkeys swing and screech through the crowded tent.

No wonder I have a headache. How was your day?

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