A Relatively Ordinary Life

Perspectives on things seen, heard, and experienced

It’s  been awhile since I posted on this blog. Since we’re all under stay at home orders, what better time for me to revive the content here with all of my observations or things that happen during quarantine? So here we go.


Deodorant … I know that it seems pretty simple or that it should be second nature for all of us but I did see on social media someone asking if it was necessary if they were quarantined alone.

Take it from someone who’s worked from home for years and just recently got a dog. It’s just the two of us. She prefers when I smell nice. I prefer when I feel good. Yes, getting out of bed, getting dressed and putting on deodorant makes me feel good.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for pajama days. Every once in a while .. not every day.

Anyone disagree?

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