A Relatively Ordinary Life

Perspectives on things seen, heard, and experienced

I’ve worked from home for years now. While I sometimes miss the hustle and bustle of an office, I don’t really miss it deep down. I don’t mind being in my home office and working with clients virtually.

I have a dog. I don’t have kids so I’m not teaching anyone during this quarantine but my pup does want attention, and walks, and food. We make it work. She doesn’t get why she can’t play with her canine and human friends so it’s a struggle to keep that social distance.

I’m also not an extravert. I am an introvert. I do well with quiet and my own time. But my dog is an extravert. So I spend much of our outdoor time, shouting across the street at neighbors and fellow dog parents.

But beyond that, it’s really been okay being at home. What gets me is the concept that I can’t just go out when I want to. I can’t make a quick dash to the store or to pick up food. It’s the fact that someone is telling me NO, which is playing games with my head.

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